The things you should know:

I must admit, I am an over-motivated and under-funded individual. I am constantly bursting with ideas and enthusiasm, which can sometimes be a challenge for others and myself as neither can keep up.
But rest assured, life is never dull around me!

Truth be told, I am a self-professed coffee snob. A good cup of coffee fuels my creativity and keeps me going. I truly believe that stories can inspire immense action, and it is my conviction that the world is in dire need of massive action.

My projects are not only driven by my passion but also funded through my art projects. I believe that art has the power to inspire change and create a positive impact. By combining my love for wildlife, photography, and filmmaking, I strive to inform and inspire so that we can collectively impact the world around us.

My Mission:

Through my thought-provoking documentaries and storytelling initiative, I aspire to create a ripple effect of change, inspiring individuals, communities, and policymakers to take meaningful action towards sustainable conservation practices, wildlife protection, and the preservation of human livelihoods.

I desperately want to  illuminate the stories that matter, bridge divides, and work towards a future where people and wildlife thrive in harmony, as I believe we can make a difference—one story, one viewer, and one action at a time.

The Road Ahead:

My first work project as a filmmaker and storyteller is an ambitious long-term endeavor that will ultimately culminate in a powerful documentary. The objective of this project is to gain a profound understanding of the ongoing human-wildlife conflict by conducting interviews and collaborating with organizations already engaged in mitigating this issue.


This long-term project represents a significant step in my career transition, as it allows me to combine my passion for storytelling with my dedication to wildlife conservation. Through this documentary, I aspire to create a compelling narrative that not only educates and informs but also sparks meaningful conversations and drives positive change.

Throughout this project, my main focus is to delve into one specific solution: empowering communities and exploring the psychology behind this approach.


To achieve this, I will embark on a journey to various regions affected by human-wildlife conflict, immersing myself in the communities and engaging with local organizations. Through in-depth interviews and collaboration, I aim to uncover the underlying psychological factors that contribute to successful community empowerment initiatives.

By shining a light on these initiatives and the psychology behind them, my documentary will not only raise awareness about the human-wildlife conflict but also provide valuable insights and potential solutions for addressing this pressing issue.

I hope to showcase the transformative power of empowering communities and inspire others to adopt similar approaches in their own conservation efforts.

I am excited to embark on this journey, knowing that it will contribute to a deeper understanding of the human-wildlife conflict and the potential for community empowerment to be a catalyst for change. Together, we can work towards a future where humans and wildlife coexist in harmony, ensuring the preservation of our precious biodiversity for generations to come.

“Truth is, you had a purpose before anyone had an opinion. Finnish your mission."

My daily reminder