About our company:

Africa Inc. is a Social Enterprise that works alongside parks within Africa to develop Eco-lodges that benefit both people and planet.

Our vision:
To create a network of community-owned and eco-conscious lodges that not only benefit the planet but also focus on skills development and community integration into the global economy.

Our team comprises seasoned industry professionals with a collective experience exceeding 50 years in the hospitality and tourism sectors and 20 years of SME development

We are a dedicated group of passionate experts who have come together
to collaborate on our shared mission.

"At Africa Inc. we have re-imagined the traditional safari lodge model by placing community ownership and agency at the core of our operations."

Africa Inc. as a social enterprise has demonstrated a deep commitment to understanding the diverse communication and dialogue structures inherent in addressing community conflict, human-wildlife conflict, and community and stakeholder engagement. Through our extensive experience in conflict resolution, we have honed our skills in navigating complex social dynamics and facilitating constructive dialogues that foster understanding and collaboration. 

 This expertise has been invaluable in our lodge development projects, where we prioritize community engagement and strive to create spaces that benefit both local residents and wildlife. Additionally, our filming initiatives and training programs have been enriched by our nuanced approach to conflict resolution, enabling us to capture authentic narratives and empower communities to share their stories. By leveraging our experience in conflict resolution, Africa Inc. continues to drive positive change and promote sustainable development in the regions we operate.


The SDG's

“It is vital that we design a new business model for development in Africa because sustainable growth and prosperity can only be achieved by valuing and preserving the natural resources and diverse ecosystems that are the foundation of our continent’s beauty and richness.”

Our Flagship Community Initiatives

Our social enterprise is dedicated to making a positive impact in rural communities within the breathtaking landscapes of the Greater Kruger Region of Mpumalanga.

We are passionate about creating opportunities, revenue streams, and sustainable solutions for both people and wildlife.

At our core, we believe in the power of collaboration. By working closely with investors, government departments, and local stakeholders, we are actively involved in the development and enhancement of rural areas in South Africa. Together, we strive to create a better future for all.


Enviro Poles

Fencing may seem like a simple concept, but we understand its profound significance. Proper fencing not only protects biodiversity but also plays a crucial role in reducing human-wildlife conflict. Through our affordable fencing solutions, we aim to provide a safe and secure environment for both communities and wildlife to coexist harmoniously. Sustainability is woven into the fabric of our mission.

The Pink Hive

The "Pink Hive" initiative, which utilizes non-lethal bee hive fences to create safe migration routes for elephants, we are committed to eco-friendly practices that promote conservation and long-term environmental health. But our work goes beyond just protecting wildlife. We are invested in the well-being and empowerment of rural communities. Through training, mentoring, and development programs, we ensure that our initiatives have a lasting impact, fostering a sense of pride and ownership among those we work with.



1. Community-Centred Experience
2. Skills Development and Training
3. Artistic and Creative Opportunities

4. Sustainable Social Impact
5. Television/Filming component.

6. Personalised and Authentic Services

7. Empowerment and Ownership
8. Cultural Exchange and Connection

9. Sustainable Conservation Practices and the safeguarding of Wildlife species.





Our Safari lodge’s unique selling points lie in its INNOVATIVE APPROACH to community engagement, SKILLS DEVELOPMENT, entrepreneurship, and sustainable social impact.

By offering guests a transformative and ENRICHING EXPERIENCE that goes beyond traditional safari lodges, our lodge stands out as a SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE, culturally immersive, and impactful destination that values COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT, creativity and authenticity.


Our eco lodge development project stands out due to our commitment to community development. It is such a vital part of our core values that we have incorporated two vital components to our business model:


The training school offers valuable skills and opportunities for community members to gain EMPLOYMENT in the lodge industry, start entrepreneurial ventures, facilitate other business opportunities around elements within their communities and as such it allows them to break the cycle of exclusion.

The media component allows us to document our processes and share them through streaming platforms or potential broadcasters, showcasing the positive impact of our project and adding another revenue stream to our system.

We also get to train community members in the documentary industry, giving them the OPPORTUNITY to become freelances within the visual space of filmmaking, documenting and storytelling.

The benefits of working with us:


1. SUSTAINABLE TOURISM PRACTICES: By partnering with us, your company can showcase its commitment to sustainable tourism practices, environmental conservation and responsible development. Our eco-lodges will serve as models of eco-friendly accommodations that prioritise energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, and biodiversity protection, aligning with the department’s goals of promoting sustainable tourism in the region.

2. ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT: Our community-focused approach to eco-lodge development creates job opportunities, supports local businesses, and empowers community members through skills training and capacity-building initiatives.
By involving key community members in the developmental process, we ensure that the lodges create economic benefits, generate employment, and contribute to the socio-economic development of the surrounding communities.

3. ENHANCED VISITOR EXPERIENCE: Our eco-lodges will offer guests a unique and immersive experience that combines nature-based activities, conservation awareness, and cultural interactions. By incorporating elements of local culture, heritage, and community involvement, the lodges will provide visitors with a deeper connection to the environment, wildlife and people of Mpumalanga, enhancing their overall tourism experience.

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