We’ve all been there. At that place of self doubt & insecurity. Where that small voice in our head just keeps on telling us that we are not good enough, that we are too old or too fat or that our lives have become obsolete. That what we do does not count. That who we are does not matter.

I have made it my life’s work to be the kryptonite to that small voice in all of us by proving it wrong. When you book a sitting session with me, I will show you your worth. 

I will show you your true beauty because I know what it looks like. I see your strength, your courage, your elegance. I see that you are gorgeous in all your ways. And what I see about you, I capture in camera and showcase back at you…

This is your legacy. This empowers you to remember who you are in every facet of your life. You are that amazing woman that has a place & a purpose. You are worth having your portrait taken.

I see you & you are loved. 

My name is Margueriet. And I would love to take your portrait.

With love and joy

I am a professional Portrait Photographer based in Hermanus. If I am not in the studio creating magic I am most probably up to no good…

I am a self confessed coffee snob who loves to walk barefoot and go in search of likeminded individuals.

My dream has always been to inspire. And now I get to do just that. When you get your portrait taken by me, I inspire you to move into uncharted territory. I inspire you to face those self doubts and those fears that keeps on showing up throughout your life. 

But mostly, when you and I spend time, I am most proud of that moment in the session when you truly show up and own your space and your place.

That is what inspires me… Boutique Studio

I have made the decision to focus my skills and my talent on empowering and inspiring people through contemporary portrait photography.  And this decision has led me to create a Boutique Photo Studio that values quality over quantity. 

To me it is all about you. In a time where we can happily snap away on our phones we have long forgotten what it feels like to be seen, to be truly noticed by someone. I have vowed to change that. I am all about capturing your true essence and to bring back the intimacy of a well-photographed moment. 

My studio is that creative haven where you are valued, appreciated and pampered. Allow me and my team to give you a dream experience. A legacy that you can take with you for years to come and one that you can leave behind for your loved ones when the time comes.

Whether your session is about celebrating a milestone or reinventing yourself. No matter where on the journey and what the reason, your life is worth documenting.

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