our services

CSR Video Production:

– Create compelling videos that highlight the corporate company’s CSR initiatives, showcasing the positive impact they are making in the community or environment.

– Produce videos that tell the stories of individuals or communities positively affected by the company’s CSR efforts, creating emotional connections and inspiring others to get involved.

From R5 500

Collaborative Partnerships:

– Facilitate partnerships between corporate companies and non-profit organizations or social enterprises to maximize the impact of CSR initiatives.

– Help identify suitable partners, develop joint projects, and document the collaborative efforts through film and video production.

From R3 500

Documentary Filmmaking:

– Produce in-depth documentaries that explore social or environmental issues relevant to the corporate company’s CSR focus areas.

– These documentaries can raise awareness, educate viewers, and inspire action by showcasing the challenges faced and the solutions being implemented.

From R20 000

Why work with us?

We are a dedicated social impact  film company specializing in social impact We are a purpose-driven organization that uses the power of storytelling to create positive change in society. This company is dedicated to producing compelling films that tackle pressing social issues, raise awareness, and inspire action.


With a focus on authenticity, diversity, and measurable impact, the company aims to engage and empower audiences while maintaining financial sustainability.

One of the key strengths of this company is its ability to tell stories that represent a wide range of perspectives and experiences. It recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in storytelling and strives to showcase underrepresented voices. By featuring diverse characters, cultures, and backgrounds, the company aims to foster empathy, understanding, and connection among viewers.


At the core of this company is a team of talented filmmakers, writers, and creatives who are passionate about using their skills to make a difference. They bring together their expertise in storytelling, cinematography, editing, and production to create films that captivate and resonate with viewers.


The team is committed to portraying social issues accurately and authentically, working closely with communities, experts, and individuals directly affected by these issues to ensure the films reflect their realities.