Session info:

Celebrity model for a day. The full Magazine Style Photoshoot Experience


Wardrobe styling consultation

Fully guided photoshoot

Professional hair & make up

Payment plan options

Location of your choice

Portrait reveal & order session

Full retouching included

Satisfaction guarantee


Portrait Session fee

R2 500.00

This fee covers the cost of the studio, the hair & make up as well as my time and talent. It also offers you the opportunity to share this experience as the fee is priced for two people. 

My suggestion, share this incredible experience with your Mom or best friend or even your kids?

Hubby is also welcome…Can’t choose who to bring??? Hmmm, well… I guess bring them all then!!!!

Cost for prints: All images are sold separately

If I had to pick my most favourite moment throughout this entire experience, it will be the moment of reveal. There is something so intensely beautiful about you when you see who and what you truly are. It catches my breath…all the time. In this moment, I get to reveal your images to you. It is also bitter sweet, as you need to decide which images to invest in and which ones to leave behind.

The amount of images you select to purchase is completely up to you. Whether you pick just one or all or none. You only need to invest in what you truly love.

Usually  people spend between R6500 & R20 000 on a collection of their favourite artwork to display & enjoy in their home – but there is no minimum spend. And you will not know how you feel about this until you stand in front of that wall…

It is then, in that moment when you see your images that you come to the realisation that you have created a legacy, a masterpiece to showcase in your home or to treasure in your folio box.

I am so excited…

Prints & Artwork

Wall Art - Photo prints

Images start at R450.00

Folio Box

Packages start at R2 950.00

Vintage Wall design

Collections from R9 000.00

 This experience was designed with exclusivity and luxury in mind. That is why we have decided to have only two sitting slots per week available.

 So, don’t miss out on this incredible journey of self discovery. Fill in the form below and let’s create some magic together.

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