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After years of practice and tons of experience I have learned the techniques that helps me in my work with individuals, modern brands and companies today.

Here are some of the most inspiring reviews from my clients. If you wish to join this group of satisfied people or have something to say, please feel free to fill out the contact form below. 

Dr Andrea Claussen
CEO I am Wilderness Dr Andrea Claussen CEO I am Wilderness
“Since we first met, I’ve been deeply impressed by Margueriet. Her deep passion for people, nature and wildlife, her professionalism and work-ethos – always going the extra mile – her empathy, her courage, her sensitivity and ability to get the job done – no matter what it takes while exceeding all expectations. She is a silver bullet, a perfectionist in the best sense, a true leader in the industry for anyone who wants an extraordinary result. We have become the “A-Team” since the beginning of our cooperation. I do not want to miss her anymore in my projects”.
Henrik Karlsson
HKNaturefoto Henrik Karlsson HKNaturefoto
I hired Margueriet for a photo assignment based in Africa. She managed the brief exceptionally well and exceeded my expectations by adding small details which gave our campaign that added extra. Her people skills and interpretation of sensitive situations really impressed me and I am looking forward to our next project together.
Peter Haygarth
Imedia360 Peter Haygarth Imedia360
I first met Margueriet when I was co leading a Photo safari trip in South Africa. The first thing that struck me was her incredible ability to understand what was needed of her. Margueriet was caring, considerate and informative and everyday the guests would sing her praises. It was a true pleasure to watch her connect with people and offer them such great experiences”.
Justin Strydom
Director Tonguen'Cheek Productions Justin Strydom Director Tonguen'Cheek Productions
I contacted Margueriet for an advertisement job and was incredibly impressed with her work ethic, her passion and the quality of skills she brought to the project. She is super easy to work with and her positive approach and dedication is a delight to experience. I will highly recommend her for any of your photographic needs.

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