When starting over is a little scary…

We have all been there. That place where one thing ends and another is slowly taking shape. Where the feelings are a mixture of excitement and uncertainty, some fears and some great joys. With Covid hitting the world, it seems like many more of us had to move on, away, perhaps a bit up or even down. But few of us are in the same place than what we were a year ago. I know I am not. A year or two ago I was still sitting in a Game drive vehicle taking people out on safaris in the African bush, for them to take photos of wildlife and nature. OH, how things have changed. Today, I try make sense of models, accessories, flashes and studio lights, not to mention fashion and make up!!!!!

But what an incredible journey this has been. See, photography has always been a part of me, kinda like an extension, if you will. I didn’t grow up with it, but I grew into it. And as I evolved, so did my desire to be behind a camera lens. Today, I can think of nothing else I’d rather do with the time I have than capture moments that will turn into memories.

Today, I am a commercial and business lifestyle photographer. I love working with people and I love seeing their visions turned into visible projects.  NO doubt, the switch from lions to humans were tough, and it was and still is a tremendous learning curb, but one that I will forever be grateful for, as I am now at that place where happiness meets work.

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